Summer and winter gardens provides us with fresh food year round.
We grow almost two dozen heirloom, open pollinated varieties of tomatoes.
We never use synthetic chemicals and everything is non-gmo
Pollination is essential for a great garden. We grow lots of flowers to attract pollinators.



Located in the hills above historical Brownsville Oregon, Oak View Market Garden is the home of Marc and Andrea Laliberte.
Andrea is a natural resources scientist and Marc is a retired chef.
Using organic and permaculture methods, we grow a large garden that feeds us and allows us to share with people in the area.
We believe that to enjoy radiant health we must eat fresh local food free of pesticide and chemical fertilizer.
As our garden grows in size and variety, we are pleased to share our produce at farmers markets and other venues to help increase awareness of environmental, social and economic impact of local food.
We are proud to be part of the movement of small organic farms, backyard gardens and farmers markets reflecting the fact that consumers are increasingly concerned with how their food is grown, where it comes from, and how far it has traveled.
In addition, a growing number of consumers want to connect with the producer who is at the other end of the food chain.

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